Follow the yellow brick road to Michael the Traveling Truckers adventure. Most of the time what we see is surface. People don’t want you to see who they really are. They stand behind the curtain, making noise, hoping no one looks. Being in business can sound scary, but with the right help, it’s amazing. Being real is important when building your brand. We don’t have to show everything about us but BE REAL, HONEST AND SINCERE. When You build your business correctly, it will look like paradise. I love the people I’m in business with. They are fun-loving, creative, life-giving, people who have a zest for life.

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The people I meet on a daily basis, see an upbeat, energetic, praise talking, gum chewing, trucker. I try my best to treat people with respect. I have a love for people today. I go out of my way to embrace who people are. I share my business opportunity with everyone. There are so many DIAMONDS in the ruff, I keep an eye out for the one, two or ten, who want to build a fortune. By asking questions, you can see where people are in their online marketing.

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I know this sounds off but I ask if they have a laptop computer or desktop? How much would they spend on a done for your system? Do they have a monthly budget? How much time per day, do they want to spend building their business? Can you follow the easy step by step instructions? Have You Ever had a mentor? Ask your prospect if they know how affiliate marketing works? I let them know it’s free to join my business. You will only get so far for free. People who are really looking have money to spend, so don’t feel bad when people tell you they don’t have money. We are in business to make money. If people don’t upgrade, PRODUCT OR SERVICE, no money is made.

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I let them know, your 1st step is to sign up for your free account. Confirm your email from an email we send you. I have a free downloadable quick step guide, so I let people know to click the link for that too. I guide them to the downline builder. For most people, these are simple steps to complete. If they should need help, they can contact me anytime. I was taught to encourage people as I am being encouraged. Recommend books to read, solo ads to place for best results, coop sharing for great leads. People helping people to SUCCEED. We have several different options to choose from, so pick the one that fits your finances.

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