Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure, From the song, By The WHO ” Who are you, Who Who Who Who. I really want to know”. So think about YOURSELF for a minute. Describe to me who YOU are. I’ll WAIT.

What makes you different from the masses of people on this PLANET? Most of us have had these thoughts, being young trying to fit in or not fit in my case. I always walked a different path. People wanted to hang out with me for a while. Then drugs and alcohol entered, but that’s another story.

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What do YOU see when YOU look into the mirror? How do you feel inside? How has your life progressed in the last 1,5,10 years? What books have you read? Have you mentored someone? Have you changed so much, people don’t recognize you anymore? Starting today, right now, WHAT DO YOU WANT? What will it take to change? What sacrifice will you have to make? Whether you go to college, get a job, start a business, or run your own company, How will you prepare for the future? Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

Change, New Beginning, Renewal

Being Prepared Enhances Self Discipline. Being Prepared Enhances Our Strategic Thinking. Being Prepared Increases Our Flexibility. Being Prepared Develops Our Resilience. I don’t know about you, I have been unprepared for to long. I started thinking about this change about a year ago. I have taken steps,(reading books, being mentored, sharing my life with others.) I tell you,” YOU CAN DO IT TOO”. I believe in YOU. I will walk the path of life beside you. One step, another step, another step. When we help each other in positive ways, the world is a much better place to hang out.

What do you want to accomplish and why is that goal important to you? Your plan should be specific and relative to your needs and desires. Training with purpose and intent is vital to accomplish any personal quest. Consider your current goals. Are they meaningful, or are they just a cookie-cutter replica of someone else’s goals? A goal that isn’t attached to something deep and personal is a dead-end waiting to happen. It should hurt if you fail. If it doesn’t, it won’t drive you. Let the DREAM be so big it SCARES you, Then let’s face the giants together. I have a sling and you have a stone, down they go.

Facing Your Giants by Pastor David Drew - YouTube

What you do starting today, will change your FUTURE. Positive or negative. I say,” POSITIVE”. Become a new, improved YOU. When you look in the mirror, the word “WOW” will escape your lips. Let me take you by the hand, and show you the possibilities. For my system click here.

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Let’s Begin Now Together. It will Be A great Ride.

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