I find myself, Michael The Traveling Trucker among thinkers, teachers, speakers, givers, lovers of some of the world’s greatest influencers.


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Through books, we have a host of information that is being lost. Technology is useful but books still hold the greatest treasures of wisdom.

Here are some heroes of mine. John Bunyan, Fanny Crosby, Jim Elliot, Billy Graham, David Livingstone, Martin Luther, D.L. Moody, Samual Morris, John Newton, Charles Spurgeon, Corrie ten Boom, and Sojourner Truth.

These are men and women who touched a world lost without hope. They brought the love of GOD when the world needed a message. These people have written books that have lasted for 100’s of years.

The written word has the power to change minds and hearts. Deep within us lies the heart of a mighty warrior. Our message is still as strong as writers of years gone by.

What is your story, READER? What message are you sharing with the world?

“If I could tell you only one thing, it would be to figure out why you do what you do.”

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People are drawn to your deeply-held motivation in a powerful way. Understanding and communicating your why will help you achieve your goals.

We all have a story that has made us who we are—a story that has shaped who we want to be in the world and how we want to impact it.

Here are some basic things that will help you put your thoughts down on paper:

TIME: It could be minutes or could be much longer than that. You will know when you find your WHY. Meditate on these things SLOWLY.

Buddies: Whether it’s your business partner, spouse, friend, or coach, you’ll need people to bounce your ideas off of and talk things through with. Identify people who will challenge you.

An open mind: You can’t decide what the outcome is going to be before you even start. Your outcome is determined by time, people, and hard work.

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In my life “I do what I do so people can live full lives instead of just existing!”Michael The Traveling Trucker is more than being a trucker. My message is one of encouragement. Helping people from all walks of life, seize life to the fullest, instead of just getting by day by day.

Write Your Life Story for Yourself. Writing the stories from your life, you help yourself form a clearer understanding of who you are and how you got to where you are.

Write to Leave a Legacy. Your written life story can give family a book about who you are and where you came from.

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I have always been a traveler. Sometimes I think myself as a vagabon. I share my story of being a drug addict and alcoholic. My story of overcoming both by the power of GOD and a wife who dearly loves me.

Raising a family while being on the road. Seeing my daughter grow into beautiful women. Sharing good and bad times with my sweet bride.

Sharing my blogs with the world, building my business with great mentors and coaches. People I have talked to on the phone getting involved with my business.

All these things are one big story that has been in the telling for coming up on 62 years. Sharing GLN is a part of the big picture. I invite you to join me and begin telling us YOUR story.


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