Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker sharing my joy with you. I really reach out to you with my heart in my hand. Can you whistle? What tune would you share with us?

Positive experiences happen to us every day, yet we don’t always take full advantage of them. 


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We actually have three times more positive experiences than negative. What keeps us from fully capitalizing on all the good in our lives, making us a slave to the bad?

Making daily lists of the things you feel grateful for, the positive experiences in our lives—improves our psychological and physical health and well-being.

Verbally expressing the gratitude we feel to people close to us helps increase and sustain our well-being above and beyond simply feeling or writing down gratitude.

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Today I share with you, my wife and I went to a friend’s house for dinner and game night. My sister was there for the 1st time and watching her laugh and have fun was joyful to me.

We listened to music while playing games. We got to sing along.

Do you have a fun time with friends? Do you share how grateful you are? What joy is bubbling up inside you needs to be let out?

The BIBLE in Hebrews 13: 16 says, “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God”.

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We all need to be involved with more people when we are learning something new. This draws us closer together, brings harmony, and a sense of peace. Sharing ideas, thoughts , and love makes the UNIVERSE explode with JOY.

Today I share my business passion with you DEAR READER, GLN is where I spend most of my time with teaching and guiding others. Together we are building a strong future not only for ourselves but friends and family.

My Sweet Bride of 35 years

4 thoughts on “ARE YOU JOYFUL IN SHARING?”

  1. Remember, happiness is a choice so if you are not experiencing joy, choose to find joy in the little things and share, share, share … Happiness makes the world go round! Love this post Michael, and love your enthusiasm on the video, Well done.

  2. Thank you for the uplifting post. I agree that we need share our positive experiences more. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the negative. You have also included some great images! You are shared to my social media.

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