Are You Listening To The Symphony?

Great day everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with thoughts for the soul. I turned off the radio, CB, TV and sat listening to the sounds of the Universe whispering to me. Have you ever done this?

Just listening, not moving, taking in the love of the UNIVERSE?


What a beautiful symphony playing just for you and me. When we learn to sit quietly for a while, our thoughts become focused on what the Universe is telling us to do.

I love this statement,” Make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose”.

I really strive to be like-minded with those around me in life and business. For years I hung around negative people and I was negative. Today I choose to be around positive people. Being in tune with those around you can keep you grounded and focused.

Do you like HARMONY? There is something beautiful when you place yourself in that atmosphere. The sounds of life are at peace. Your spirit is resting and getting energized.

With life being hectic, how do you enter into your business with HARMONY? For me, it’s a choice. There is good in all of us and I choose to look for the good. The sounds of life will surprise you so look and listen for them.

This is an awesome statement. Please read it aloud and let it resonate in your spirit.

Positive thinking is not always easy and takes a lot of practice for most people. That is because if the mind has already been trained to think negatively, it needs to be retrained to think in a positive direction, which can be a long, arduous process. On the bright side, retraining the brain is possible and immensely beneficial.

Did you know there are health benefits to being POSITIVE? I never thought about this until about 5 years ago. I bet you didn’t know this either, right?

Positive thinking Encourages Stronger Relationships. Positive Thinking Brings Strength To The Body. Positive Thinking Creates Soundness Of Mind. Positive Thinking Helps Increase Self-Confidence. Positive Thinking Improves The Outer Appearance.

On a daily basis, try writing down positive comments in a journal. Participate in enjoyable things on a daily basis, like talking to friends, listening to your favorite music, writing from the heart to yourself or a loved one.

Think of a peaceful place – whether real or imagined – and mentally visit this place when feeling uneasy. I ask you NOW, to visit this place so often that it becomes automatic when feeling stress.

How may I serve you today, READER? What do you need that can make your life simple and enjoyable?

As a dad with grown children, I look at their lives and see the influence from my wife and myself. Yes I understand that I spoke both positive and negative to them. Which is the most dominate? Only time will tell.

Love is the ANSWER. Hug them. Sing to them,( even if it embarasses them), kiss them, make them a meal, send a card, draw hearts on paper and put it in their pocket.

How do you show this same love in business? Send them a training video, get them on a one on one call to encourage, help them make a landing page, send them a book you wrote( Get Stuck On Happy by Janet Legere) which is what my mentor did for me. Best book ever.

Business is BUILDING A STRONG DAILY RELATIONSHIP. Get to know people. See what makes them excited, smile, tell a joke, share a good time from their past.

People need to know you care, so show THEM.

I pray you use some of the suggestions I wrote about. This is my love for you.

Be Helpful At All TIMES

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