Hello Everyone This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is: Overcoming hurts, habits, and hangups.


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If you have been following my blog for any length of time or just tuning in, It’s all about people. GOOD, BAD, AND THE UGLY. I know from my wife and youngest daughter’s journey dealing with depression, anxiety, feeling of worthlessness, people deal with real issues that cannot be ignored. Because I’m an upbeat personality, I don’t understand their pain. Life can be hard during these times. Please read carefully: WE ARE ALL PART OF THE HEALING PROCESS. SOME BY STAYING AND SOME BY GOING. Let me clarify-some people are good at listening and offering good advice. Others are toxic and need to be removed from people who need healing. I hope this was said with love.


When it comes to your mood, which plays into your health, emotions aren’t the only factor. The people you interact with are important too because without even realizing it, you always take energy from the people around you.  It’s important to choose well when it comes to your intimate environment. You have to surround yourself with people who lift you up and help you grow.

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Healing people line up perfectly with that idea. They’re the kinds of people who give off positive energy and help you get through your the adventure of life. So now you have to ask yourself: what actions, events, and people give you positive energy?If attitudes are contagious, is yours worth being infected with?

The people around you play a part in your mental health

Do you feel better when you’re with your friends? If so, that happens because good friendships improve your quality of life and mental health.


Can we talk about SPIRITUAL HEALING for a moment? Spiritual healing can help people in many different ways – sometimes unexpected. Healing may completely cure someone – or may not, but may instead help them to deal with the condition they have and to become more positive. It is extremely rare for someone to receive healing and then report no improvement afterward whatsoever, and indeed many people report that they feel a great deal better, often where other treatments have failed. Miraculous instantaneous cures are rare – but not unknown, and we should always be open to this possibility.

God uses people to heal people. Some with the laying on of hands, anointing with oil, and sometimes, God uses DOCTORS. I heard it said” When your body hurts, your body hurts, and you should NEVER ignore what your body is telling you.


We have so much to learn,so join hands with those that you love, want to love but don’t know how, and those you don’t like, and let the healing process start slowly, but starting never the less.


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    1. People don’t like to talk about how all issues of life are now common.
      We hope to push under the rug and let others deal with it.
      I have a group of men I share God, prayer, and love with from the trucking world.

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