I have the privilege of getting back to YOU, dear reader. I’m Michael The Traveling Trucker. So good to finally meet you. Thank you for requesting more information on our wonderful DONE FOR YOU SYSTEM.


I have your name, email and phone number. Is this the best number to reach you?

Would you prefer a phone call, text or email to stay in contact with me?

A few questions, is that OK? Do you have a computer or laptop? Do you have an investment to get your business started? Do you have a budget? How many hours per day are you willing to put into making your business grow?

All these question will help me to determine how best to guide and direct you. Is that OK?

We have a telegraph room, which is private. Come in and ask as many questions as you need. As an online entrepreneur, my advice is find a mentor or coach.

Someone you trust and can work with. Make sure you pick someone who will push you when needed. Be a student of the WORD.

The books you read, the people you choose to instruct you, follow everything they recommend until you get the hang of it.

It is so important to build those relationships. As YOU grow, you too will have a following. YOU will be able to instruct your group.

We are here for your SUCCESS. Yes, we want you to SUCCEED. We want you to join us as a stay at home marketer. It takes time, resources and persistence.


Right NOW -Go to the top of my blog and look at my resource page recommendations. Do it now, I’ll wait.


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