How To Master Pinto Beans and Cornbread Listbuilding

Hello, Southern-style Ya’ll. Michael the Traveling Trucker with another mouth-watering recipe for list building.


“You’re About To Learn ‘Secrets’ That Most People Will NEVER Know About How To Build A Huge List Of Your Dream Customers, Who Are Excited To Buy From You!”

Now you may ask yourself, what on earth is pinto beans and cornbread listbuilding? Stay tuned all the way to the bottom of the post.

List building should be fun, exciting, and energetic. Your list is the heart and soul of your business. People should matter at the highest level so learn how to talk to them.

Here is a script for you:

Hi Charles!

I received your request for info about Genesis Lifestyle Network and am excited to mentor you to financial freedom. The next step is to join our team.

Once in, I’ll have the next steps for you.

Text or call me below.

Michael Lipsey



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Is your website flowing with content? If so, you will be best served through inline subscription forms.

Take advantage of the opportunity to target specifically those visitors that are highly engaged with your content.

Entice them with free updates if they subscribe. Once on your email list market offers related to your content and niche in order to convert them into customers. Nothing can beat that! 

Teacher, Mentor, Coach, Coaching

I did a study recently and we dug in deep to see how long it normally takes someone to buy from you once they’ve joined your list.

The fact is that the vast majority (almost 70%) of sales happened within the first seven to 14 days.

These are people who are getting on your list and are almost ready to buy. If you are putting them on your news letter and not making them offers, you are missing a golden opportunity.

It’s actually better to get your funnel set up way earlier because you don’t need to have a perfect launch, to have a perfectly profitable funnel.

Also, you’ve got this window where people get on your list and they are ready to buy.

Which is more effective cold calling or emailing?

Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but phone calls get higher response rates compared to emails. Generally, people are more likely to mark a cold email as spam even without reading it.

Creating a list, (your inner community) means having a group of engaged folks, who want to hear from you consistently.

They want to know what you know, and are looking out for all the things you’re doing that will help them to grow. Kind of wonderful, right?

So are you ready to have a community of followers that you love (and who love you!,) and who want to learn from you and hear what you’re up to?


There are locations on your blog that have proven to produce the most email subscriptions. Knowing where they are and how to use them is the first step towards building a huge email list.

The Exit Intent Popup

Exit intent technology allows you to have a popup that is completely unobtrusive. A popup using exit intent will only show up when the visitor moves their mouse towards the back button on the internet browser.

After the popup, the next best location is at the end of the post.

The visitors that have reached this point have shown they like your content. It is the perfect moment to ask them for their email. I have a form on my blog page.

Complimenting the Pop-Up With a Floating Footer

The footer is the third highest converting location for email subscriptions. Most email plugin tools will allow you to time the footer just like with the popup.

The Always Dependable Sidebar Opt-In

I hope this was helpful?

Now Pinto beans and cornbread list building gives you the GAS to move your business forward without being stinky.

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Plus eating a good meal first will give you the energy to write all day long.

Beans Beans The Magical Fruit

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