Hello Everyone. Michael The traveling Trucker, say’s” DON’T JUST PICK UP OTHERS SCRAPS”. The word GLEANING means, to pick up the scraps of the harvest what others let fall to the ground. To barely get by. Hoping you have a meal at the end of the day. The Harvest is waiting to be picked by you, to enjoy the full benefits of your planting, watering, and finally harvesting.


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You say, sounds like a lot of work. I don’t know if I’m ready for that. I think I like my just enough lifestyle. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Reader, you are NOT MEDIOCRE. Yes I know you don’t have all the facts yet, THAT’S OK. Working with you is my main GOAL. If you ask the leaders, They love helping others, plant, water, and then get the harvest after all their hard work. Reader, We look for that BIG SMILE on your face, when you finally realize, YES IT WAS WORTH IT. Join the fun of owning your own business. We are in it together. Helping you, helps the community as a whole.

This is what YOUR HARVEST will look like. Busting out the seams, drooping the branches with all that fruit. I’m not talking physically planting a orchard, but planting your MARKETING business. I have been planting for 6 months. Watering, weeding out what needs to go. Pruning what works to produce more and pruning what is not working.

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It’s OK to have a back yard garden. It will feed you and have enough to share. I love the soil, both real and metaphorically. Tilling up the ground. When I work my business, every person is a seed. I talk with them, walk them through the simple step by step program. Guide them to the LEADERS when I don’t have the answers. I point people to Janet and Don Legere, owners of CLB. Rob Gehring, Owner of TL2Ivm. Owners Jon Olson and Blain Jones of CTP.

You have an appointed SEASON. You may not see your breakthrough in your current circumstances, be assured that the plan and purposes extend far beyond your current view. It is intentionally drawing you to that which is provide for you. You have the right to cross over the borders, onto that fertile ground outside your wall. That is yours also. You paid for it, but forgot you had it.

HAMMER TIME- Move to the right, now, move to the left. Can’t touch this. I’ve seen many people assume that what they are experiencing in life is simply their” lot in life. DON’T BUY THAT LIE. Don’t you dare see yourself as broken, beat down, or defeated? I SEE THE WARRIOR. MASTER PLANTER, HARVESTER, VINE PRUNER, PEOPLE PICKER….. Now is your time. Enough of blowing sunshine. It’s decision TIME. Are you with us? Tare off that OLD LABEL, get your marker out and print a NEW LABEL. WINNER-SUCCESSFUL-ENTREPRENEUR.

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Let me help you with some tools. 3 step quick guide. In our system, you will learn from some of the best of the best. There is a blog post formula, content curation template, As a Man Thinketh download, Think and Grow Rich package, Resolution Success System. Videos to watch over and over at your convenience, to help you in setting up and running your business. All THE TRAINING IS FREE. Ok, NOW is the time. Click the above link and JOIN US. I look forward to welcoming you to the CLB family.


I love pointing people to cooking. It’s my happy hobby. I share Tammy House with you, she also loves cooking.

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