Traveler, Guest, Or Family

Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure: WHO ARE YOU? In your world that you travel through, what is your status?

How do you relate to those around you?

Are you the traveler that comes in from time to time to impart wisdom or cause havoc?

I love this couple, Daughter and Son in law. They live 3 hours from us so they are travelers and family that impart wisdom.

Are you the Guest that is on best behavior, helps out, and brings joy to those you interact with or want to be waited on hand and foot?

Are you Family, who is there through the good times and the bad. You can be counted on, willing to help, guide and pray with your family members or are you the long gone, no where to be found member?

Yes That’s me with my cooking vest on. I love cooking.

I love to ask these kinds of questions. In my travels as a trucker, I have had the opportunity to meet and greet a large number of people. Listening to their stories has been life-changing, as I internalize what is the true meaning of life. The more I invest in people, the greater the reward. My heart is filled with compassion, grace, forgiveness, love, respect, honor. I have met families that are always together, enjoying life together. They laugh, cry, love, and share all they have with each other.

My Sweet Bride Of 34 Years

I have also met families, who are not close. They argue and fight. Cuss each other, and sometimes violent acts break out. I cry when I meet these people. I can relate, As my family was not close growing up. There was violence from time to time. I have had to really work on not being that family member with my family now. I want to love and respect them. My life really changed when I give my life to GOD. Over the years, God has shown me, talked with me through people and His word, how to relate to people. I want to be a lover of people.


Regardless of how we remember our childhood, we have a choice of how we’ll remember our adulthood. Better yet, since we are creating our adulthood as we go, we can make it so that we will not be ashamed of anything we’ve said or done. Think about it; the past cannot tell us what we’re capable of because what we’re capable of is yet to be seen. What we’re capable of is our capacity to grow. So when I ask you, what are you capable of, and you look to your past, you’ve completely limited your growth capacity, your capability of your future.

My prayer for those reading this: May you give your life to God if you have never done so. May you grow toward being a positive model for others to see. Remember you can choose whatever you want, so choose wisely. I love you, I believe in you. Your time is now. Please don’t waste it.

Be All You Can Be

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2 thoughts on “Traveler, Guest, Or Family”

    1. Thank You Janet, I learn so much from your friendly, encouraging words.
      I watch how you interact with other and I try to put my spin on it.
      Being a leader is fun and worth millions.

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