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Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is Tools. Everyone needs tools from the Mechanics, Teachers, Artists, Truckers, NASCAR drivers, Pilots, to the Internet marketers.


How to Build a Social Media Army for Internet Marketers

Hubspot: “While your social media strategy may not call for the same techniques required to defeat a super villain, marketers can learn a thing or two from the Avengers. Here are a few ways that social media marketers can embrace their inner superhero and build their own social media army.”

Why you could use a Social Media Strategy? It takes planning and some work in order to achieve meaningful and measurable results. Although the article was written for business, it still applies a great deal to the home business internet entrepreneur. Here are some basic strategies to incorporate into your planning.


Training your team: Social media is all about training your team, if they don’t understand what social media and inbound marketing can do for the business, chances are that they won’t do it very effectively.


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Working together: Harnessing the power of collaboration is all about encouraging your team to complete tasks themselves, rather than outsourcing work to others. We believe that Social Media Marketing an content creation plays an essential role in building your list and keeping your business profitable.


THREE STEPS to BUSINESS GROWTH: STEP ONE: Set up a Funnel for your Business. A Funnel is simply a Capture page that collects and email address (subscriber) and leads to a landing page that introduces your visitor to your business! You will set up an autoresponder campaign and include a few follow up messages to “drip” on your new subscribers.  I use and recommend the services of TheConversionpros as an upgraded member, they’ll even create your funnel FOR you!.

STEP  TWO: Get traffic to your new Capture Page. Once your funnel is ready, you want to get quality traffic to your page and start generating those leads. I use and recommend the services of Udimi solo ads where you can purchase affordable Solo ads. All you need is the link to your Capture page.

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STEP THREE: Followup is likely one of the most important parts of the whole process. You are going to want to followup personally with the leads that subscribe to your capture page. Your leads will be receiving followup emails that you setup with your capture page, however, nothing beats personal follow up. If you collected their phone number, give them a call and send them a text message. Send a personal email to say thanks. Reach out to them as often as you can.Offer value, share what works for you, create a relationship. Find out what your new prospects are looking for and if what you have fits, share it with them.

Tools Make Things Happen

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