How To Use Personalized Service For High Ticket Sales?

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker is on vacation but coming to share my love of HIGH TICKET SALES. What are high ticket sales and why should you personalize your service?

They’re referring to the sales of products and services at a higher price point. We think it’s somewhere around the $500 to $5000 per sale mark. 


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 Business owners need to be customer-focused and have an eye for opportunities to sell something highly valuable to the right market. 

People don’t become successful at high ticket sales for no reason. Finding the right products is all about choosing a profitable niche, recognizing what’s trending, and then setting up systems that allow you to serve customers well at scale.

Online courses are #1 in the niche of education. Did I say that’s our niche? What are some of the benefits?

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Attract Premium Customers

When you’re selling products or services with premium pricing, you’re going to attract premium customers. Premium customers tend to expect more from the businesses they buy from. 

Gain Brand Recognition in a Luxury Space 

Receive More Revenue With Fewer Customers 

There are tons of benefits to focusing on high-ticket items but below you’ll find 3 of the biggest: profit, authority, and cost-effectiveness.   

More Profit Per Sale. For example a $600 exclusive online course with a $150 profit margin. With high-ticket items, you’re dealing with fewer customers, fewer products, and fewer logistical headaches.

And when you can automate your leads with a done-for-you sales funnel things can become even easier. Let me stop you right here. Folks everything you are looking for is here at GLN. Click here for the resource details.

What does it mean to be More Targeted With Your Marketing? Sell to those who are more willing to spend a higher percentage of their hard-earned cash on your product (“The Enthusiasts”).

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The higher the investment, the more energy it will take to sell a customer on it. You nurture your leads. You answer their questions, you show them how you’ve helped others just like them, and you get them more and more comfortable with the idea of following through with the sale. 

The sales funnels are your ticket. You filter more people into the top, run them through the process of seeing your offer. You talk to your prospects over and over helping them understand the done-for-you system.

Videos can go a long way towards helping prospects feel more comfortable with taking the plunge, especially since they have the added benefit of connecting with a real human person. Just make sure they don’t come off as scripted. 

Please understand how to qualify your prospects. You do this by asking hard questions. Asking about an investment, budget, time you will spend daily in promoting your business.

There’s a lot of working in building a successful business but worth the time and effort. Be Blunt About YOUR Pricing. YOU ARE WORTH IT AN SO IS YOUR SYSTEM.

Don’t hide your price tag. Don’t sneak it in on some hidden corner of your website. And certainly don’t wait for the sales call to drop the price bomb. 

Instead, wear your price tag loud and proud. And be blunt about it. 

Spend Extra Time On Overcoming Objections.

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When it comes to high-ticket funnels, you have got to put in the extra effort to address your prospects’ concerns. Offering free case studies is a great way to do that. 

When It’s Time To Close, Get A Human On The Phone. When it comes to high-ticket items, however, people want to talk to people. The point of a sales funnel is to automate your sales process. But when it comes to high-ticket products and services, you simply have to get on the phone with your leads if you want them to buy. 

Try video chatting with your prospects. Don’t be bashful now.  The value of seeing a human face is HUGE when it comes to sales.

I hope these are helpful in your process of HIGH TICKET SALES.


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