Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is: “The POWER Of IMPACT”

A father asks his 1o-year-old son to get a 1/2 socket. Now climb up onto this stool. See this bolt, take the socket and place it over the bolt. Gently push the handle forward. That’s good. Now pull the handle back toward you. Feel the resistance, now put pressure pulling back to loosen the bolt. You can do it. The bolt begins to loosen. The smile on his son’s face says it all. Great job. Now take the bolt completely out. Ok, see this bolt, do the same. The father just watches as the son finishes the task. Because of the impact of a father’s love, a 10-year-old became a mechanic in his heart.


Everything around us has an IMPACT on our lives. Positive or negative. When we see a good movie, hear a great song, read a motivational book…… Yes, the list goes on and on. Being polite, when others are mean. Helping out an elderly neighbor with yard work. Being an encourager with everyone just because you choose to. IMPACT, IMPACT, IMPACT…….

In our business, we have an impact on how steps are taken. I remember Rob showing me how to change my splash page with my photo. The scripts we speak to future members. Following instructions to download a video, making a phone call, writing your 1st blog. We see the makers and shakers per se, helping us to understand cryptocurrency, making money with a product or service.


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Fear can also have an IMPACT on things. My friend and former Pastor-Scott Reece wrote a book: Thirty-one Days Of Peace. On day fifteen, he wrote that once you give in to fear, the effects of it are paralyzing. It will affect you, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and can lead to instability, unhappiness, and discontentment. Fear will drain you of your spiritual life and sap you of vision, perspective, and confidence. Fear will separate you from everything.

Who Is making the biggest impact on your life? Family, friend, co-worker, Pastor, a lady at the bank….. Folks whether you believe it or not, impact molds us, make us strong or weak, make us laugh, or cry. What we must choose carefully is what do we want to IMPACT us?

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I love the people who impact my daily life. Regina, my sweet bride. Janet Legere, CLBLearning, Rob Gehring, massivesuccess. Other bloggers, business mentors, friends, my trucker buddies… I never want to forget, The biggest IMPACT is GOD. My relationship today is one of honor, agape love, mercy, forgiveness and holiness.


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