Hello everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with today’s tips on FUNNELS. Most people really have no idea what a funnel is or what to choose as your business niche.

Here are some tips I found while looking for my business adventure. First and foremost, please research your niche. Find out what is working by looking at others in that niche.

Here are my simple tips for building your funnel. You should have a Pre Frame Bridge- a piece of content that makes people more receptive to the message on your landing page, How to qualify subscribers, how to qualify buyers, Identify buyers on fire.

1) Elements: The building blocks of your funnel are called elements. Things that you can possibly put on your pages like, videos, headlines, even countdown clocks.

2) Pages: It’s a bunch of elements put together in a specific order with the intent to get people to take a certain action. Give You Their Name, email, and telephone.

3) Funnels: They are a series of pages that have a strategic order. Your goal is to help your lead/customer on their journey. Help them go from prospect, then customer, then client.

So what is your niche? Health and wellness, weight loss, selling ebooks, free ebooks, education, baby items, high ticket sales… I hope you see there are many niches.

Do you like quizzes, writing articles, presenting the news, writing blogs, making videos? All these can be put on your pages.

Elements are like the ingredients you would put in your cooking recipe. Each one by its self is incomplete, but put all together they make a whole meal.

Here are some Attention- Getting Headlines:

How To Lose 10 Pounds Of Belly Fat In 3 days

How To Master Blogging In 5 Simple Steps

3 Secrets Of The Wealthy Mind Set

How To Drop Your Cholesterol Level By Eating These 2 Items

When writing your message, PLEASE keep your sentences and paragraphs short. When you want to make a point, you can use BOLD, underline, Or use italics.

Use a sense of mystery, keep your audience captivated. Use a sense of urgency. Make is so simple for the reader to follow and understand.

Make it where your BRIEF description gets them to “ask” more INFORMATION, PLEASE.

Here is my 2nd tip: Reverse squeeze page. Instead of curiosity, I make a video where I teach or train them on an explicit concept. Once the teaching is over, I invite them to opt-in on the form to get more information. Just for the record, I have not done a teaching as of this writing. I will create one so watch for it.

Have a THANK YOU page. I recommend a video of yourself, so people know who you are. This is branding of the best sort. People like knowing who they are talking to.

I hope this helps you to discover your adventurous side. Take action to research what will work best for you. Start today, you have nothing to lose.

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