Buried Alive?

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. I began my online journey 5 years ago. I knew very little about business. The internet was for fun, looking up facts, watching You tube videos, searching for things to buy.

I saw an Affiliate marketing business-CLB which I put on my computer. Through the hustle and bustle of life, I totally forgot all about this business.

I looked at program after program. I tried a few not knowing what was really expected of me. I thought these programs were dead. It had no pulse, no heartbeat, so I buried these programs alive.

It was my lack of commitment, resources, and not understanding the program that I QUIT.

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Mountain, Volcano, Peak, Summit

I heard my mountain calling me to come FORWARD. There is life in the mountains, freshness, peace and tranquility. All that I needed was just a few steps away.

For me, remaining in the past, I saw no future. The Cloud of GOD was moving and I didn’t follow, missing the greatness of GOD.

By shear chance, I was looking through the files on my computer and saw this CLB program. I opened it. Read it carefully and really like what I saw.

I contacted the owner. We talked several times and I decided to upgrade the program. She had a special going at the time, which really worked for me.

I am just getting started and there is sunshine on the horizon, it’s shining bright upon my life. I’m making headway building my list. Sharing this opportunity and a number of others opportunities, all the while bringing new life into this business of mine.

If you were like me, seeing nothing going on in your business, thinking it was dead when it was really in a COMA. There was life just below the surface, but the vital signs were missed. TIME FOR THE FUNERAL. R.I.P. was my reply.

I tell myself don’t let the dust settle on my journey. Let the whirlwind blow across my life, making my business billow out from all sides.

Do I want success, greatness, accolades? Yes I do. I have found my life is UP TO ME. Yes, There can be people who help, guide, mentor, but if I don’t take action nothing will happen.

People are my business. I care for those put into my care. I share with them what I have learned so far. I say come closer for that hug, lean in for the ATTA boy/girl. Open up your heart to receive the love that you desire and I will pour it out just for YOU.

I tell myself, touch the world. It needs and wants love, mercy, grace, and MOST OF ALL LIFE. So I bring on my love, bring on my touch, bring on my heart.

I know what I’m good at and what I’m not. I’m making a stand for PEOPLE. All people. I don’t care what your background is, together let’s push FORWARD.

Let me stand with you on your journey, I’ll walk it with you and with all your friends and family.

Sunset, Men, Silhouettes, Helping

I am a part of the hope people long for. I don’t have to figure it all out, I must just GO FORWARD. We can learn as we go, seeing new things, hearing new sounds, WHAT SAY, YOU?

Today I speak LIFE OVER you, not death that surrounds you. I’m assigned to talk to you, so please make sure to answer your phone. It’s most likely in your hand anyway.

Your message is COMING. I’ll have the FAITH to believe for the both of us until you start to believe for yourself.

Bless those around you, and if needed use words. The world is before us, around us, in us. Let us use what we have to make a difference.

I invite you to join us. Click the link above and lets get started.


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  1. Wow, Michael … this was an incredibly emotional post, well done. I love this “Today I speak LIFE OVER you, not death that surrounds you.” … let’s move forward in LIFE! Thank you for this, Michael!

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