Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen and children of all ages, Michael The Traveling Trucker with exciting news.

I was introduced to this app called the WOW app. This is a great app. You can earn coins daily just for logging in. Invite people and your coins go up.

WowApp is the app where you do good and make a difference in the world through activities you already do every day.

I set mine up like this plus I invite on a daily basis.

Allow anyone to join your network. You agree to allow anyone to join WowApp through your personal page. Your personal page will be featured on the Join WowApp page for the public. This way you can grow your network easier and faster!

Earn. Share. Do Good

WowApp is a FREE revolutionary platform that allows you to win rewards as a result of your daily activities. Once you have received rewards with WowApp, the choice is yours: you can either cash out for yourself or choose to do good for others by donating to one of the 2,000 supported charities, in over 110 countries.

There are multiple ways to earn from the WOWapp. When you sign in earn day there is the UBI- Universal Basic Income, our members receive digital money every day in the form of WowCoins. If unclaimed, the UBI goes back to the Pot – the WowApp community’s shared treasure.

Instant Earn–Earn WowCoins by completing activities. Instantly earn WowCoins by performing fun and interesting activities such as watching a video, taking a survey, installing an app, and much more.

Shop Online-Earn WowCoins by shopping online! Tap on Go Shop! button in the Earnings tab of our WowApp mobile app or sign in to your WowApp.com account from your computer and start shopping!

GamesEarn— WowCoins by playing games, for free! Tap on Games in the Menu of our WowApp mobile app or sign in to your WowApp.com account from your computer and start playing now!

TalkEarn— WowCoins by making paid calls. With WowApp you can easily call mobiles and landlines outside WowApp at some of the lowest rates. Every paid WowApp call earns you WowCoins and does good in the world.

Store CreditReceive gift cards by shopping at your favorite stores. Make purchases at stores from so store.wowapp.com and you earn WowCoins that you can cash out as gift cards for the same store.

I hope you use this information to create a great team or you could do both. Join our team then branch out and create your own.

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