Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with tips to make your business run smoothly.

An engine that uses liquid fuel to create energy, such as an internal combustion engine, is basically a large air pump. Cool air is drawn in, mixed with the fuel of choice to create power, then expelled as hot exhaust gas afterward.

The more efficiently this “air pump” of an engine breathes, the more efficiently it produces power.

I put diesel fuel into my tractor to keep it moving forward, DEF into the system to help it run clean. Diesel Exhaust Fuel keeps all the soot from building up and making the truck run properly.

Mention: https://www.pexels.com/search/building%20blocks/

At this point, Your Machine Needs the Right People. If you put people into the system and they don’t perform, it slows the engine process down.

3 Essential Building Blocks-People, Process, Platforms. What does the term digital marketing engine mean? The analogy is that the framework contains all the different parts that work together in order to grow your business.

Your business needs fuel, RIGHT? Social Media, YouTube videos, Paid ads, Leads( paid or organic), Viral Mailers, Conversations with others from social media. Talking with other Entrepreneurs.

This is your fuel of choice. You need training that builds long-term momentum. What are your daily habits? Do you have a calendar? Do you have your viral mailers set up for daily or every other day to go out?

Are you contacting your leads by phone, text, or email? How often do you contact your people? Are you building your list? Daily showing up with your fuel of choice in hand creates the cooling airflow that makes YOUR BUSINESS breathe.

Do YOU have The Business Owner’s Mindset? “The more I do, the
more I have to keep doing. The more I get my business to do, the more I can
step back and focus on growing and developing my business.

We talk about the system. Why is the system important? It empowers your business to consistently produce an excellent result for your clients through reliable processes and procedures.

When building YOUR list, you are building your TEAM. You need people who will follow instructions( system). Tweek it to fit themselves. Be trainable, teachable, or what it takes to get the job done.

Is your business looking to have Scalable Solutions in the future? Scaling your business requires building it in such a way that your business model and systems can be rolled out and replicated on a much bigger scale.

It could mean tweaking your business model so that your service is more
scalable and not so dependent on one or two key people.

Everything you do reflects who you are, what your business is about, and the people you care about. It’s so important to build a strong business from the start, so it will last for YEARS to come.

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