Hello Everyone Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is: Whom do you talk to that is helping your grow?

From helping you grow as a person, to help your business grow? I have found a great mentor in ROB GEHRING. I have known Rob for many years. He and I did business in the past.

When I decide to get serious with my online experience, Rob was there giving me tips and strategies. I would ask a question here and there.

Rob always responded kindly, yet challenged me to greater visions.

I try to do a weekly session with Rob. With over 21 years of full time Affiliate Marketing under his belt, he has valuable insight on what works and what doesn’t.

Rob is always coming up with new ways to help people. I take action and implement them ASAP. I’m beginning to see results which are super exciting.

Today he shared His A/B scripts with me. This is a role-playing scenario that helps you get out of your comfort zone.

One is for our primary business when talking to leads, the other is for those who are not quite sure about what business they want or need. Both help you engage with your leads.

It’s ok to have more than one mentor. I have two. The other is Janet Legere.

I love Janet’s simple approach to life, business, and friendships. Janet goes way beyond the boundaries of helping.

She helps you to think outside the box by pointing out certain details of your questions, then makes you figure out work will work for you while offering her expertise in the Affiliate Marketing Arena.

Both of my mentors have helped me grow. When I first started, I knew nothing about blogging. Now It’s one of my passions.

Learning marketing strategies, list building, correct ways to use viral mailers, recommendations on whom to use for solo ad providers, all the while making you feel that YOU can do it.

Being on the road full time as a driver definitely has its challenges. Some days I’m not able to get on the internet. I can make calls and text when I have time at least to stay in touch with my people.

I’m learning not to make excuses for my lack of time. We all have the same 24 hour period of time. What you do with it will tell in the end.

I had a challenging defining moment from Blain Jones-Co founder of Click Track Profit. He pointed out: your posts average less than 20CTP in earnings each. I would look at ways to earn a bit more with them.

There are plenty of people making 100+ CTP on their posts. Looking at your posts it looks like a lot of them are exaggerated calls to action. These kinds of posts don’t really get engagement or response. It would be more effective to tell your story than selling financial freedom that you have yet to achieve.

This is hard to swallow at first. I thought I was putting real thought to engaging questions for people to answer. I thought I was putting myself into my stories.

Creating new stories takes time and effort. How do you engage people to financial freedom? I have a lot more to learn, so begins a new chapter .

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  1. Hey Michael,

    Great post. Mentors are important and the 2 you mentioned are both very good choices.

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