Comfort Zone

Good morning Everyone Michael The traveling Trucker. I have been thinking lately about why people stay in their comfort zone.

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Today, let’s take a look and see what is a comfort zone and why you should get out of it.

A comfort zone is a psychological boundary you create for yourself. It includes everything you know and understand. Offers you a sense of control and peace of mind. 

Getting out of your comfort zone forces you to give up control and familiarity, but in doing so, it allows you to engage in new and exciting professional experiences.


Multitasking Stress

Tips to help you get out of your comfort zone: Write a list of your current fears or limitations both personal and professional. Helps you to visualize your concerns and make a plan to overcome them.

Would you like to enhance your creativity? Engage in new tasks like, making a video, creating a phone conversation list of questions, writing a blog, talking to real people offline.

Would you like to be more PRODUCTIVE? Getting out of your comfort zone allows you to reteach yourself how to approach a task or routine. This helps enhance your productivity because you suddenly have to motivate yourself to learn while you get things done. Being a coach, mentor, partner helps you to put someone else 1st. Teaching a new person what to do.

Getting out of your comfort zone can help you learn new skills. You don’t like to speak. Enroll in a speaking class to overcome your fears. By breaking out of your comfort zone, you have the opportunity to advance in your career.

Getting out of your comfort zone encourages you to see stress as a regular part of your daily life. This helps promote a healthy response to stress in your life. Yes I know, we avoid stress at all costs. Learning techniques to deal with stress will make your life run smoother.

Getting out of your comfort zone means you can expand your professional network by reaching out to industry professionals. Talking to a CPA and building a friendship. He can help with taxes you may be unaware of.

Getting out of your comfort zone means you can improve your self-satisfaction and the confidence you have in yourself.

Paperwork Stress

Gives you a new sense of meaning in your daily life. Breaking out of your comfort zone can help rejuvenate your life and provide you with a new sense of purpose that is more tailored to your beliefs and values.


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