Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with LET’S PLAY A GAME, READY?

Are you an OPTIMISTS OR A PESSIMISTS? Do you really know the difference in your thinking and speech? Most of us think we are a certain way in our thinking but what does your speech say?


What type of attitude do you have toward the things that happen to you in daily life?

Optimists are people who look for positive outcomes, while pessimists seem to expect the worst to happen. Researchers have found longer life and increased immune system functions for OPTIMISTS.. Food for thought-Happy words and thinking get the body moving in the right direction for health.

Pessimists are not doing so well. They had a much higher death rate, I don’t want this do you? Had more physical and emotional health problems, more pain, less able to take part in social activities, and less energy.

Just from these 2 simple definitions have you decided which you are?

Would you like to become a full-time OPTIMIST? To become a full-time OPTIMIST is to monitor one’s own thinking. This takes every bit of effort to accomplish. YOU CAN DO IT.

Try this simple test. Keep a small ziplock baggie in your pocket, every time you speak or think negatively put a quarter or any other coin in the baggie. At the end of the day count up the coins. Anything over 8 coins should tell you something. I’m going all out to change the way I think and talk.

Here’s the problem, most people don’t really think about their thoughts or characterize them as negative or pessimistic, which means that the damaging effects of thinking are left uncontrolled.

Are you ready for the BIGGEST BRAIN EXERCISE? When a bad mood strikes, stop and think about what just went through your head. This takes practice. Are you up for taking your thoughts captive for the positive?

When you recognize the negative statement, treat them as if coming from someone else who is trying to make your life miserable. Think about the damage the statement is doing to you.

Argue with those thoughts. Challenge each negative statement and replace it with a more positive statement. Thinking about your thoughts in the last few hours, how many of them were negative thoughts?

Everything we think or say affects us positively or negatively. WE MUST change our thinking in our personal life and businesses.

Example: Your boss comes in at 4:45 knowing you leave at 5 and tells you to stay over for an hour because he has a project that he needs you to finish. What is your immediate thought? Positive or Negative? Be honest with yourself.

Life is full of situations that come at us throughout the day. We MUST be aware of how we think and speak. I know we can change this pattern. You Up For It?

L E T ‘ S D O T H I S R I G H T N O W !!!!!!!!

For more resources click here.

I look forward to everyone’s results on Jan.1, 2022. Let’s be open and honest when you take the challenge.

Speak Positively and Watch Out For Negative Speech.

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