Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s topic is really about business, so follow along and ENJOY the read.


Newborn, Puppy, Cute, Mammal, Baby

So you decided to get a puppy. You did the research and found the one for you. You looked at the setters, spaniels, terriers, wolfhounds, chihuahuas, dachshunds. You had your heart set, so you bought the greyhound.

From the beginning you feed and watered the puppy. Exercised the puppy. When the puppy was a little older, you went for some training.

You took your puppy where he could run and before long you thought about racing your dog. Entrance fees, boarding fees, licenses were bought and the dog was registered with a proper name.

Dog, Canine, Race, Run, Running

Does this sound like your BUSINESS? Yes, I hope you did your research. Found the one that was right for you. HINT: CLICK HERE for mine.

I hope you invested in yourself. Your entrance fee is the package level you decide to come in at. You can buy a domain name, but not everyone does.

All of the TRAINING comes with your core package. We have weekly training live so make sure you show up. Building your list daily.

Here is a small list of our great training: Sales Funnel Optimization, High Ticket Sales, Homerun Copywriters Course, 10k Blueprint, and Bitcoin Breakthrough, are just a few.

You exercise your business through solo ads (UDIMI), virial mailers, traffic exchanges, social media. Think about where people are hanging out asking questions about BUSINESS. Give them a helping hand, yes, be the GO TO guy or gal.

Now it’s race day. You are in the starting lane. The gates open and you take off like a flash. You give it all you got. You are running for the win.

YOU cross the finish line a winner, making your 1st of many sales. You begin to reinvest in yourself, buying solo ads on a monthly basis. Getting your co-op shares. Your commissions start coming in regularly. Before you know it you QUIT YOUR JOB, because you are making more money from home than your job.

Making the right decision NOW is the place to start. Don’t listen to the naysayers, just because they think they know you. Listen to your leaders who are where you want to be. If they can do it, THERE is hope, you can do it.

NEVER EVER GIVE UP OR LOOK BACK. Keep moving forward. The books you read now and the leaders you hang out with will determine where you will be in 5 years.



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