Hello Everyone Michael The Traveling Trucker with another adventure. First, let me thank everyone for the good wishes. I’m no longer Over The Road. I will be driving locally. Woot Woot.

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Starting with Jeopardy: The categories are Downloadable books, Affiliate Marketing, Advertising, Coaching/Mentoring.

I’ll take Downloadable books for $600, Alex.

He wrote: Money, Master The Game.

Who is Anthony Robbins?

I’ll take Affiliate Marketing for $1200 Alex.

It’s the number one done for you system.

What is Genesis Lifestyle Network?

I’ll take advertising for $500 Alex.

His converting coop is bringing in results, week after week.

Who is Rob Gehring?

I’ll take Coaching/ Mentoring for $1200, Alex.

She is an Author, Mentor, Coach, Weekly Webinar personality.

Who Is Janet Legere?

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Next, Come On Down- The Price Is Right. On the wheel you have $50, $100, $300, $600,$1200. There is training, Downloadable books, and Videos.

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We move on to Let’s Make A Deal. Do you want the 30% commission or what’s behind VIP?

I hope you had fun? This is my go all out time blogging. This is really for people who are part of this wonderful opportunity already. I bet some outside people will know GLN, CLB, and TL2Ivm.

Each of these business leaders bring their A game to the table. There is true value in everything they do. So, ARE YOU CURIOUS? Who are these people?

Here is your invitation to join the best group of ENTREPRENEURS on the planet. Click Here to find out who they are.

On my 18 month journey, I have been challenged, stretched, and encouraged every step of the way.

I was taught to get out of my comfort zone, begin to challenge myself. Set massive reachable goals, find new ways to express myself.

Everything I do reflects what I have been taught, LOVE, COMMITMENT AND EXCELLENCE. This business is DUPLICATABLE.

Here are my words of WISDOM: If you are teachable, willing to learn and can follow easy step by step instructions, you will make MONEY. Follow me as I follow the leaders., Then come along side and lets play on the beaches of the world.

This blog is one way of creating a source of advertising, fulfilling the needs of those that read it and sharing our great opportunity. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, click the link above.

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  1. Another Great fun post from Michael the Traveling Trucker ENTREPRENEUR

    Enjoy Reading your posts keep up the Great work Michael.

    1. Thank you Michael Peart for reading and commenting my blog. I hope to read and comment on yours.

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