Are You Creating The Right Atmosphere?

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s lesson is, Creating the right atmosphere when talking to your PROSPECTS AND LEADS.


Most of us look like this in the beginning

I know from experience that getting on the phone can be scary, uncomfortable and make you draw a blank when talking to leads and prospects about your business.

Let me say from the get go, “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT”. Start where you are and grow each day. Go over and over the scripts provided or make up your own following the guidelines from our leaders.

I recommend a one on one with ROB GEHRING. He is our closer at GLN. Book a meeting and discuss the topic. Rob is a valuable resource that most people don’t utilize or know is available for our use.

Other great resources are Janet Legere and Jared Meyers. Janet does our weekly webinar on Wednesday at 12:00 noon EST for members only.

Jared is the owner of GLN. Who better to ask about talking to people.

In the end, people can’t see you so RELAX. You should look like this,

Check out the script directly from my back office: This is just a SAMPLE.

-Hi is this (Your Prospects Name Here)?
-When they say yes it is, you respond with this –This is (Your Name Here) and you recently filled out a form about making money from home. Do you have a few moments to talk?
-Pause and continue based on their response
-I’m following up to see if you have any questions.
-Did you watch the on demand webinar after you filled out the form?
-If they say no, respond with this — Are you looking for a way to make money from home?
-If they say yes, ask them this — Do you have a few moments right now to watch the on demand webinar?
-If they say yes, respond with this — I will send you the link via email, what is a good email address?
-When they give you their email, respond with this – Ok, one moment here it comes.
-Pause to send the email which you have ready to send before you call!
-Once you send them the email, verify that they received it
-Once they say they have received it, tell them you can wait while they watch the video or you can call them back. Make sure you set a time to call them back and have them commit to that time.

In reality, a script is just a guide for useful things to ask and say. You will be lead by the person on the other end of the phone.

Have a smile on your face. Believe it or not people can hear your smile by your voice. SMILE SMILE SMILE.

Don’t let people control the conversation by getting off topic. STAY FOCUSED.

Keep your conversation on track, ask questions to determine if this is a “Hot or Not” prospect. keep everything simple, slow, and let it flow naturally. It’s ok to be nervous. The people on the other end are more nervous than you.

More questions you can ask your leads:
-Do you have any experience with online programs like this one?
-Do you have a budget for an online business? A monthly advertising budget?

The answer to these two questions will tell you volumes about your lead and whether or not you want to continue asking questions.

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The Phone Is Your Best Friend

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