Greetings and Salutations from Michael The Traveling Trucker Jedi Master.


British actor Kenny Baker on the set of Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back directed by Irvin Kershner.

I know the force is strong with you young padawan. You have been searching for a millennium for what is right in front of you. Use your lightsaber to cut through the exterior to see into the interior.

Trading your time for dollars has been your life throughout the galaxy. You do as told until your rest period becomes available. Life seems dreary, uneventful, and rather boring. Time to expand your horizon, Young Padawan.

Can small business be done effectively, without losing your spiritual center, or all your savings?

The heart is central to the survival of human beings. If our heart stops beating we die. Where and what is the heart of a business? I believe people are the heart of a business. After all, it is the people who go the extra mile to make it happen – or get in the way and stop it from happening!

There are a few training tips for you to follow to become a Jedi Master.

If you are just starting out, got years under your belt, or You’ve actually achieved some success, but it’s not sustainable, we are here to help walk you through your business journey.

Let me say this now, Success is a good thing. However YOU define it for yourself, it’s okay to SUCCEED, it’s okay to make MONEY, it’s okay that your business works well.


Marketing consists of all that YOU do to identify customers’ needs and have products and services that meet those needs. Today, social media marketing is one of the fastest-growing sectors within the marketing function. Do your customers sense the force?

Your Message is the most important part of your business. You can have the greatest programs or services in the world, but if you don’t know how to communicate your message, you’re dead in the galaxy.

Star Wars character Darth Vader with Stormtroopers at Edinburgh Castle ahead of a screening of Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back at the...

Why have this training if you don’t use it? Your Core Message is from the “inside out”. It focuses on you first – WHY you do what you do. Don’t get stuck here. Identify why you do what you do, then build your business by helping others.

Don’t be captured in carbonite, sealing your fate.

Poznan, Poland, April 29, 2017 Pyrkon - Fantasy Convent - Star Wars Han Solo played by Harrison Ford frozen in carbonite

Unclear what your business needs? Reach out to us. Our leaders work closely with you, train you to exercise your business muscles( talking with customers, building your list, video training)

Behind every great brand is a fundamental Core Message. Your Core Message allows you to stand out by making your position clear. It allows you to take a stand for what you believe in passionately.

Belief through your Core Message, you can attract people who share the same values and beliefs. Be a magnet and attract the right people.

My Core Message,” Help people solve their business problems, build great communication dialogs, help you build your brand, build your list while offering a superior product and a great service”.

5 Questions to Get to the Heart of Your Business.

What is your motto?

A motto is a statement of purpose and belief — it serves as the guiding principle and spirit of the cause you are advancing.

Why does your story matter?

Stories inspire us. Tell yours, the world needs to hear it.

What is your greatest vision?

By articulating your vision without constraints, you are able to picture what you truly desire and take the necessary steps to move your business towards that vision.

What is your plan for growth?

Every business follows a path. My mentor gave me a great piece of advice — there is a difference between having a job you love and having a business model that you love and is scalable. In her words, “Do what you love, but always follow the money.” You must know where you’re going. What is your destination and how will you get there?

Why will you succeed?

I love this question because it forces entrepreneurs to take a hard look as to whether or not they have what it takes to succeed. 

Join Me NOW. Click Here. Let me work with you, guiding you to expand your thinking and building a business you will be proud of.

Success Is One Step Away, Reach For It.

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