May those who come behind us find us FAITHFUL. Welcome, all to Michael The Traveling Truckers tips for the day.

Take a moment and answer the above question. Are you faithful in life? How do you handle money? How do you spend time at work, at home, exercising, meeting people?


Here are 6 tips in the arena of SUCCESS:

BE ON TIME. I am a fanatic about being on time as a trucker. I have to be on time or I may not get unloaded. Being on time for business is a must. It tells a lot about a person. If they don’t respect your time, is this someone you really want to work with?

FOCUS. Stay alert to what’s going on around you. Write down your daily to-do list and keep it in front of you.

INTENTIONALITY. Excellence is not random. Everything we do is by design. We create a consistent experience of excellence by functioning inside of a proven set of PROCESSES.

AUTHENTICITY AND PASSION. The authenticity and passion of our greeting are what people remember. Make the most of every opportunity to connect, engage, and honor your Guest, lead, or partner.

TEAMWORK. Every good thing in life takes teamwork. It’s important to have a welcoming and warming spirit of excellence.

HAVE FUN. This is my favorite. Having fun is a natural motivator. Anything is easier done when it is made fun.

I am giving you the opportunity to join me on the adventure of a lifetime. Take my hand. Take a deep breath, and let’s jump into the unknown together. You won’t be disappointed. The first step, CLICK HERE.

When all is said and done, where do you want to be at the end of 2022?

Be Faithful Is A Lifestyle

7 thoughts on “ARE YOU FAITHFUL?”

    1. I’m not a fearful person. I believe God takes great care of me. I surround myself with people
      who walk in faith and not fear. Thanks Darla.

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