Family Miracles

Hello everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker, with exciting NEWS. FAMILY MIRACLES are happening all around us. Are your eyes open for them?

What exactly am I asking you to look for, you may say. Today Janet had her granddaughter with her on the call. Janet spends a lot of time living life, sharing life with her and Don’s family.

I saw geese and their babies proudly walking around this morning. Remember when you had Your 1st child?

Some of us have strained family relations, some talk but only every once in awhile, and some exube love, happiness and a real sense of camaraderie.

Do you have a extended family where you work, at church, social club? Are you the wall flower or front and center? Do you make others feel welcome, glad they are here or shy, not speaking unless spoken to?

I invite you to my family world. Come sit in the jump seat as we travel the roads from state to state. We, you, and I left on Monday from Elberton, Ga, and drove to Raphine, Va. took our break. Got up early, yes I am a real hard-core early bird



gray asphalt road near green grass field and mountains during daytime

We drove to Rocky Hill Ct. for our delivery at 2am. I know, that’s way to early so I put you to bed, closing the curtains and putting the air on for you.

While you slept, I finished delivering and then drove to Robbinsville, NJ, which is 126 miles away for a pickup. You slept through the whole thing, that’s ok you are not a trucker.

As we were leaving you popped your head out and wished me a great day. I showed you my pictures of the geese and their babies. Your smile was so broad.

Wild Geese, Waterfowl, Flock, Waddling

We then drove to Harrisburg, Pa. for an 8 pm delivery. I showed you the Wildwood walking trail across the street. You said you needed to stretch your legs so off you went.

I jumped in the bunk for a nap. Very refreshing by the way. You said you thoroughly enjoyed your walk, seeing amazing sites from frogs to swans to deer. Nature showing off, as she does just for you.

Delivery time is over, on to Toughkenamon, Pa which is 72 miles from here for tomorrow’s pick-up of mushrooms. We will leave from there in the afternoon, on our way to Greensboro, NC for our 6 am delivery on Friday. Then running hard back to Ga for 4 deliveries, 3 on Friday, 1 on Saturday morning at 5:15, ending in Suwanee, Ga.

We should be back at the shop by 7 am. I hope you enjoyed our time together. I know you got to see quite a lot of scenery. I pray it blessed you. Ok, drive home safe, until we decide to do it again. I say it with my heart, I loved having you here.

When you need a scenery break, come jump in the seat again. I’ll give you a CB handle and let you talk to my driving buddies.

Wow, what amazing time we had. I will have this on my brain video play book, for years to come. I will brag about our time together.


You can make your own memories with those you LOVE and want to spend time with.

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Here is your team picture when you really come together.

Start your journey today, why wait. Embrace the here and now.

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Building Life TOGETHER

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