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I was asked How Do I Connect with my TL2Ivm members?

When you are on Traffic Leads 2 Income viral mailer main page you have referrals. This will show you all your members. You can sort them by Join Date, Last Login, Name, Membership Level, Pages Surfed, and Total Purchased.

Some of your members leave a complete profile with all their Social Media Contacts, while others leave you nothing.

Personally, I have not located many of the people in my group. When they don’t leave you contact info and profile picture, You really have nothing to work with.

I’m not sure I have done a coop with TL2Ivm as my main advertising site. I have looked through my Contacts at The Conversion Pros.

No phone numbers, no emails. Rob Gehring The owner and admin of TL2Ivm made this statement: We give more contact info than most competitors out there. Agree?

In our one on one sessions, he has had access to peoples name, phone number and emails, I don’t have. He has shared some of them with me as a gift for booking a coaching call.

I would be interested in anyone who has a different approach to this.

Straight from Rob’s ” Simple art of recruiting”.

It is important to understand the importance of having a “real” conversation with a prospect. This also saves you time in qualifying your list and only talking to people who are serious and ready.

Be sure they indicate at least 50.00 available to get started now; otherwise I advise against you calling unless you want the practice.

When I capture a lead, I generally ask for their phone number along with first name and email address. Then, I send the following text which is called “The Magic Text”. Hey {Prospect Name}, Rob here, your {Company Name} sponsor. Go to {Your Facebook Profile} and send me a friend request so I can have you schedule with me and we can get you earning ASAP, ok?

This is a good qualifier as I may be able to connect with them on Facebook to have them set an appointment with me. If they are unresponsive, then we move to a phone call where we can interview them directly.

I hope is was helpful.

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  1. Qualifying our prospects is critical in creating success in our business and preventing us from going crazy trying to call every Tom, Dick and Harry on your list. The art of qualifying your prospect is MAGIC! Great post, Michael. thanks!

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