“More Than Meets The Eye”

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What does” More than meets the eye”, mean? If there is more to something than meets the eye, it is more difficult to understand or involves more things than you thought in the beginning.

Mention: https://www.pexels.com/search/trust/

This brings me to, why do people scour the internet looking for ways to make money and only glance at what they think of as “HYPE”? Do they only look at the beginning and no further? YES, YES, YES.

In my experience, people don’t really take the time and effort to research things to the fullest. When people do they find a host of information that brings clarity.

Who can you trust? What is real? Who can you turn to to get information that is not tainted?

Trust between mentor and mentee is said to be the cornerstone of an effective mentoring relationship. It can take time and sometimes a little effort to build trust and rapport, but it’s worth the trouble.

Are you trusting in someone who has more experience than you? Do you trust their judgment? Do you believe they have your best interest?

Here are 3 key mentor behaviors to build trust.

First, listen. When a mentee knows their mentor is there to just listen, and they feel fully “heard”. Then you take the information given by the mentee, meditate on it. Write it out. Then focus on the issues that need to be fixed.

Keep your promises. The most important promise is to do with confidentiality. When a mentee trusts that what they share will never become dinner table conversation for the mentor, they can open themselves up and become vulnerable – which is a window to their learning. We all want this kind of relationship, but few really find it. Become the trusted one for your people.

Don’t just be open, be vulnerable. As a leader and mentor, it can be hard to be vulnerable. We don’t like admitting our weaknesses and flaws.

I say this NOW. I love my mentors. They are real, open, honest, and are very transparent in their relationship with me. They help me see my weaknesses and flaws and learn to correct them in a loving way. They don’t judge, they speak words of affirmation.

My business is way more than meets the eye. Those who have done their due diligence, have joined me and made money. Plain and simple. My business is simple to follow. The system is in place to lead and guide you for the best results.

Again, most people want shortcuts which leads to disaster. I follow the leaders because they get the results I’m looking for. When they make money, I know by following them, I make money.

If you are reading this, research it out. See what it is all about. Ask questions. Get the answers. You have at your fingertips the way to success, will you take it?

My best resource for you. I pray this helps clarify things for you.

Trust and Trust Will Come Back A Hundred Fold.

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