Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling trucker.Today’s adventure is: NEW TRAFFIC PATTERNS.

As a professional Trucker with 26 years of driving, Yes I have seen quite a bit. Parts of all 48 states and parts of Canada. Right now I only do about 2500 miles per week. There were weeks when 4000 miles was the norm. I love the mountains views, river scenes, and lots of ocean boats of every sort and color. I have seen the majestic hot air balloons in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There were over 150 balloons racing across the sky. Colors for as far as the eyes could see.


Hot Air Balloons, Adventure, Balloons

Today’s topic comes from way back in time to the front and center present. For some, this was the way of life.

Phone, Old, Communication, Dial

New traffic patterns began to emerge.

Old Phone, 60S, 70S, Grey, Dial, Post

Then on to technology.

Youth, Age, Smartphone, Face, Man, Old

Each of these represents a new pattern. Years have gone into each pattern. Each one becoming more advanced then the last.

Back to driving. On the road, we see lanes change, concrete walls appear almost overnight. New lines in the road, so watch out and pay attention. Flashing lights, road crews and much more making our highways better for the next year. Advancements. More care. More safety.

In business we have seen these patterns, grow more and more, in my option, easier to use, friendlier, and more interaction. Step by step instructions from Youtube videos, marketing masters in live webinars.

What a big difference. Today’s, at your finger tip technology, drives the heart of any business at lighting speed.

Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing

People are looking for more money, getting out of the 9-5 rat race. They want less traffic ( driving crazy roads). More time with family and friends. That’s why I am buildings an online business. Yes, this is a new pattern for me. I talk to people, find out what they want in life or what they don’t want in life. Help them to see the new traffic patterns of life that are at their fingertips. The investment in my business was so low, I would be crazy not to pursue this new traffic pattern lifestyle.



If you are not sure of a pattern to choose, I recommend these CLB, TL2IVM, CTP

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